Race Information

Future Dates
BOB X - March 30, 2019 --- BOB XI - March 28, 2020 --- BOB XII - March 30, 2021 --- BOB XIII - March 26, 2022


A new year is upon us, soldiers. It's time to get your engine in tune for BATTLE! Come March 30th, an armada of warriors will slap the brackish waters of Old Fort Bayou with their paddles in a quest for glory. The sweat will pour like a waterfall. The screams of sore muscles will be deafening. The biting bugs will be waiting in ambush. The drink will flow like a river. The mouth watering aroma of tasty foodstuffs will make your stomach growl. Once you cross the finish line, the echoes of victory will ring eternal.

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The General

2019 will mirror the past two years...

If it's not broken, why fix it. BOB will adhere to the about-face of 2017. The 8.5 mile out and back, starting from and finishing at Gulf Hills struck a positive cord in veterans and noobs alike. On top of that, there were no annoying shuttles to deal with, the awards presentation was held indoors, and the smoother timeline was peaches and cream.

Old Fort Bayou Course

Schedule of Events
Venue: Gulf Hills Hotel

Friday, March 29, 2019

**tentative time line**

  • 2:00-8:00PM   Check-ins & new registrations
  • 5:00-7:30PM    Meet & greet w/ food & drink
  • Race Day
    Saturday, March 30, 2019

    **tentative time line**

  • 7:00-8:00AM   Late Check-ins
  • 8:15 AM              Safety & Course Brief
  • 8:30 AM              Boats hit the water!
  • 9:00 AM              Mass Race Start
  • 1:00 PM              Awards presentation

  • Directions to Gulf Hills Hotel & Race Start/Finish

    Gulf Hills Hotel and Conference Center
    13701 Paso Road
    Ocean Springs, MS 39564
    Phone: 866-875-4211

    Google Map Directions

    1. From east or west on I-10, take MS Exit 50 and head south on Washington Ave for 2.3 miles
    2. Turn right onto Shore Drive (this is the last right turn before Washington Ave. Bridge)
    3. Take second left on Fairway Drive
    4. (For Hotel) Turn right onto Paso Road to reach Gulf Hills Hotel on your left
    5. (For Race Start/Finish) Turn left on Paso Road and make a slight right on S Shore Drive


    Gulf Hills Hotel and Conference Center is our headquarter hotel. They offer a special rate to Battle on the Bayou racers and spectators. Make your room reservations early. To guarantee your room at the EARLY BIRD special rate of $89.99 plus 7% tax, per room, per night, reservations must be received between January 1, 2019 - February 28, 2019. Call Toll free @ 866-875-4211 and ask for the Battle on the Bayou rate when booking your reservation. Rates will increase to $99.99, beginning March 1st. For more info, visit gulfhillshotel.com.

    Gulf Hills Hotel

    Boat Classes

    Class Name Length Width Gender Description
    K1 Pool Toy ≤ 10' N/A Dudes / Chicks All builds & constructions
    K1 Short 10'1"- 12'6" N/A Dudes / Chicks All builds & constructions
    K1 Medium 12'7" - 15'6" ≥ 22" Dudes / Chicks All builds & constructions
    K1 Long 15'7" - 17'6" ≥ 21" Dudes / Chicks All builds & constructions
    K1 Fast ≥ 17'7"'  19.6" Dudes / Chicks All builds & constructions
    K1 Race Unlimited ≤ 19.5" Dudes / Chicks See Below #1
    SUP Surf Unlimited Unlimited Dudes / Chicks Surf style shaped boards
    SUP Race Unlimited Unlimited Dudes / Chicks Race style shaped boards
    SUP Pedal Unlimited Unlimited Dudes / Chicks Hobie Pedal Boards
    K1 Pedal Unlimited Unlimited Dudes / Chicks Solo Kayak Pedal Craft
    K2 Rec Unlimited ≥ 22.1" Mixed Recreational Tandem Kayaks
    K2 Race Unlimited ≤ 22" Mixed Racing Tandem Kayaks
    K2 Pedal Unlimited Unlimited Mixed Tandem Kayak Pedal Craft
    C1 Rec ≤ 17'6" ≥ 16% length Dudes / Chicks Recreational Solo Canoes
    C1 Race Unlimited Unlimited Dudes / Chicks See Below #2
    C2 Rec ≤ 17'6" ≥ 16% length Mixed Recreational Tandem Canoes
    C2 Race Unlimited Unlimited Mixed See Below #3

    1. (K1 Race) Skinny surf skis and Olympic K1 boats

    2. (C1 Race) Solo Canoes that do not meet the Solo Rec class specifications

    3. (C2 Race) Tandem Canoes that do not meet the Tandem Rec class specifications

    Rules and Procedures

    Boat Classes

    The boat classes have been designed with fairness in mind. Though, there must be balance between the sheer variety of boats on the market and the logistics of race management. The racer is responsible for accurately describing the make, model, width and length of their boat when registering. This is the information the race director will use to place you in your class. Disputes about boat classification will be handled accordingly by the race director. Intentionally using false information for your craft will result in disqualification.

    Children & Families

    We wholly welcome families and children to join in the fun. Minors under the age of 12 must be accompanied in a tandem boat with an adult. Minors aged 12-17 may paddle solo. In both instances, a parent or guardian must sign a waiver for the minor to participate.

    For Obvious Reasons...

    Only human propelled craft are allowed to enter the event.


    The race will proceed in rain or sun. Be prepared for inclement weather. However, we will not race in thunder storms. The event will either be delayed for the same day or canceled entirely. If the race is canceled, racers will still receive all swag entitled to them. Registration fees will not be refunded.


    Various safety/spotting boats will be out around the race course if an emergency arises. An emergency contact # will be provided at check-in for use during the race. We strive to make the course as safe as possible, but accidents and emergencies can arise. Please be prepared for unforeseen circumstances by having the right equipment.

    Alcohol & Controlled Substances

    The use of alcohol/controlled substances before or during the race is prohibited and will result in disqualification.

    Required Equipment

    Required and Suggested Equipment BOB is an American Canoe Association (ACA) affiliated race. The ACA requires a Coast Guard approved PFD (must be worn throughout entire race) *violators will be subject to the decision of the race director* We highly suggest bug spray. The gnats in Gulf Hills have been known to haul off children and small kayaks.

    BIB Placement

    Bib numbers are to be securely attached to the left side front of your boat and front of your PFD. Duct tape and safety pins will be provided. *Inadequate placement of your # may result in inaccurate, missing or delayed race time*


    All arguments will be resolved by the BOB race director, whose outcome is final.